About Us

Sheenge Properties is a real estate company founded in 2014, to provide real estate consultation in Namibia. At Sheenge Properties We understand real estate starts small and slow, but surely grows big and creates wealth. Our operation concept is founded on, ethics, integrity, accountability, professionalism, and inclusivity that guarantee client satisfaction while maintaining the highest standards.

Our membership with Namibia Estate Agent Board (NEAB) ensures that we operate within the ethical code of conduct for real estate agents in Namibia.We aim to provide quality real estate services to our clients and pride ourselves in providing honest, reliable, quality, and timely professional services.


We strive to:
Providing professional and ethical counsel in the process of real estate acquisition and management.


To become the leading real estate consultant in Namibia.

Our Value

Ethical – to uphold the real estate agent code of conduct in all our dealings.

Integrity –
To ensure client information is correctly authenticated and clearly explained as required by the Namibia Financial Intelligence Act (FIC).
Accountability – We will stand true to our values and be accountable for the service we offer.
Professional – We will serve all our clients politely, friendly, and passionately while maintaining confidentiality.
Inclusivity – We will serve without impartiality. All our clients are equal.